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Four Facilities offered With the Nokia 2135

The cell phone giant, Nokia, seems to have something for everybody. They have announced their readiness to release their ‘entry level’ mobile device later in November this year. The Nokia 2135 is a successor of the 2125 and has been waited for patiently for by die-hard Nokia fans since Nokia announced it’s release over two […]

6 Reasons Why an Apple is the Ultimate Temptation all contained in the i-Mate 8150!

1. Apple is in the news again, this time it is because of their i-mate 8150 smart phone that is designed to run Windows technology.
2. This little gizmo is actually targeted and primarily designed for use in the U.S. but it will not be long before the technology infiltrates the international market, or is adapted […]

5 Point Check List For Choosing a Cell Phone Plan!

There is no dearth of cell phone plans to choose from, and you could easily get confused and wind up getting a plan that is not suited to your needs at all. In fact, you will probably end up paying for features and services that you do not actually need.
1. The best way to go […]

2 Great New Uses for Your Cell Phone: Mobile Commerce Shows the Way!

Naomi Campbell may have used her cell phone as a weapon however she is not our role model here. The cell phone industry has started invading the dominated credit card niche of the financial jungle. Your cell phone could well be your next credit card!
Can you imagine using your cell phone as a credit card […]

Sprint And Beyonce Partner on B-Phone

Wondering what to get your hip-hop cultured teens for christmas? Sprint has your answer — the new B’Phone.
No, it’s not what you think — it’s the latest partnership deal sprint has made to create a new hybrid cross-industry product. Nike’s had MJ. Buick has Tiger. Now, Sprint has Beyonce.
The Beyonce-branded phone is a customized version […]

Nokia to buy GPS leader Navteq

Nokia announced that it has come to terms to buy GPS systems powerhouse Navteq for a rumored 8.1 billion dollars. GPS-enabled phones will become the norm for Nokia over the next 2 years.
This acquisition positions the cell phone manufacturer for strong growth in the consumer sector which is demanding more interactive and functional uses from cell […]

Angry iPhone users Sue Apple, AT&T

The latest chapter in the iPhone saga is shaping up to be the lawsuit over the software update on September 28th that users claim was designed to intentionally disable iPhones that had been unlocked for use on other networks.
The suit was filed on October 5th in San Jose, California seeking damages of $200 million.
If this […]