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Experiencing the Sony Ericsson Experia XI

Sony Ericsson’s Experia X1 has the tagline “convergence of communication and entertainment”. Quite the promise for Sony Ericsson fans but surprise, surprise, it delivers. For the cynics, you might glance at the X1 and roll your eyes thinking, another iPhone wannabe.
So, it may look like the iPhone but it stops there. The X1 is a […]

The Ruggedly Handsome Motorola V950

The Motorola V950 has rugged written all over its face. Just feel its rubbery texture and bulky appearance. At 17 mm, it’s really very slim when you compare it to any Nokia phone but this is a RAZR which is known for its supermodel slenderness. The thing is, Motorola decided they needed a phone that […]

Samsung Instinct: On Top of the TV Phone War

Samsung unveils one of its new offerings reportedly with Sprint as its carrier. Reasonable at around $200 to $250, the Samsung Instinct is creating a furor in the cell phone sector. Is it worth the price?
The Instinct, very elegantly named, will hit the stores in June. It will be Sprint TV’s flag bearer, with live […]

Fun Meets Serious in the New Sony Ericsson W760

The mobile phone buying public has been used to phones becoming better and better with telecoms companies adding more features to their phones. Sony Ericsson is one company that takes this competitive spirit beyond by upping the ante. On January this year, they announced the launching of the new Sony Ericsson W760 set to be […]

Envious of the LG EnV2

The LG EnV2 has a cute name. However, this phone is everything but cute. This is actually one heck of a phone. With Verizon as its official carrier, the EnV2 has already been released in the market. It offers its subscribers services from Verizon like VCast Music and Video and VZ Navigator.
This little wonder […]

Samsung Access: The TV Phone of the Future

AT&T has been scoping up all the cool new gadgets from mobile phone giants and Samsung is the latest contributor giving its subscribers the Samsung Access. The phone is part of their Media Flo campaign and is the first device that supports AT&T Mobile TV. It can allow its users to access television content, sporting […]

Nokia 6210 Navigator: The Traveler’s Delight

While other mobile phone companies are focusing their attention on being the next smartest “smartphone” and integrating in just one gadget all computer and internet features, Nokia has gone in another direction. It still is producing gizmos that will beat all other so-called “smartphones”, but in the meantime, it has taken a breather and created […]

The LG Vu Experience


Microsoft Surface Launched by AT&T

AT&T recently launched Microsoft Surface in its stores in an effort to show customers that it is indeed a provider of innovative retail services. Microsoft Surface is a table-like screen that features multi-touch technology and is currently on display in AT&T stores in San Francisco, New York, San Antonio and Atlanta. Should […]

Preview of Fring VoIP over iPhone Now Available

The voice over internet protocol application of Fring, an online community developed by an Israeli company, is now available over the iPhone.  The free, downloadable preview was recently released and can be accessed from the company website.
The application, called Fring, was created in collaboration with the academic research laboratories of the Holon Institute in Israel.  […]