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Verizon Files Case Against Time Warner Cable

Verizon Communications, Inc. has filed a lawsuit against competitor Time Warner Cable for false advertising, claiming a TWC ad made false claims about Verizon’s FiOS offerings.
The ad in question features a Verizon salesman asking a customer if he heard of fiber optic technology. The customer responds saying Time Warner Cable has been using […]

Fairpoint Acquires Verizon Phone Lines

Fairpoint Communications, Inc, a telephone service provider based in North Carolina, has acquired Verizon’s landline telephone operations as well as its Internet business in New England.
Following the purchase, Fairpoint’s stock suffered a ten percent drop when the stock market opened. By the end of the day, stocks were being traded down at 12 […]

AT&T to Offer Mobile TV

AT&T announced recently that it will be launching its mobile TV services this May.  The service was initially set to be offered at the end of 2007, but a spokesperson said that AT&T opted to wait seeing as this particular offering was a whole new endeavor. 
AT&T has partnered with MediaFlo USA to offer live […]

5 Point Check List For Choosing a Cell Phone Plan!

There is no dearth of cell phone plans to choose from, and you could easily get confused and wind up getting a plan that is not suited to your needs at all. In fact, you will probably end up paying for features and services that you do not actually need.
1. The best way to go […]

Sprint And Beyonce Partner on B-Phone

Wondering what to get your hip-hop cultured teens for christmas? Sprint has your answer — the new B’Phone.
No, it’s not what you think — it’s the latest partnership deal sprint has made to create a new hybrid cross-industry product. Nike’s had MJ. Buick has Tiger. Now, Sprint has Beyonce.
The Beyonce-branded phone is a customized version […]

Angry iPhone users Sue Apple, AT&T

The latest chapter in the iPhone saga is shaping up to be the lawsuit over the software update on September 28th that users claim was designed to intentionally disable iPhones that had been unlocked for use on other networks.
The suit was filed on October 5th in San Jose, California seeking damages of $200 million.
If this […]

Alltel to eliminate analog network support

With the FCC no longer requiring wireless companies to maintain analog networks after February 2008, Alltel is the first big player to officially announce that it will drop all analog support beginning in March 2008.
The bottom line? This is a good move for the company who became famous for it’s commercials mocking Sprint, Verizon, AT&T […]

Alltel Sold to Goldman Sachs

NEW YORK, Aug 29 (Reuters) - U.S. rural wireless service provider Alltel Corp (AT.N: Quote, Profile, Research) said on Wednesday that its shareholders approved the company’s sale to private equity firms TPG Capital and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners.
Results from a special meeting showed around 97 percent of votes were cast in favor of the purchase. […]

Sprint Makes $5 Billion Committment To WiMAX

Sprint Nextel today announced plans to spend as much as $5 billion by the end of 2010 on a new network based on the emerging high-speed wireless technology known as WiMAX.
WiMAX is a wireless technology that Sprint wants to use to blanket entire cities, enabling wireless Internet access on everything from cell phones and laptops […]

AT&T Earnings From iPhone Different than Apple Reported

AT&T said today that it activated 146,000 iPhones after the first two days of sales, which fell on the final days of the second quarter. Apple shares fell the most in six months after analysts said demand may be slowing for the iPhone, which Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs expects to become the company’s third […]