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Verizon Files Case Against Time Warner Cable

Verizon Communications, Inc. has filed a lawsuit against competitor Time Warner Cable for false advertising, claiming a TWC ad made false claims about Verizon’s FiOS offerings.
The ad in question features a Verizon salesman asking a customer if he heard of fiber optic technology. The customer responds saying Time Warner Cable has been using […]

Fairpoint Acquires Verizon Phone Lines

Fairpoint Communications, Inc, a telephone service provider based in North Carolina, has acquired Verizon’s landline telephone operations as well as its Internet business in New England.
Following the purchase, Fairpoint’s stock suffered a ten percent drop when the stock market opened. By the end of the day, stocks were being traded down at 12 […]

First Global CDMA/GSM BlackBerry

Verizon Wireless today introduced the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition smartphone, the first global CDMA/GSM BlackBerry, and its new Global BlackBerry service, an “always-on, always connected” wireless email solution that provides access to email, contacts, calendar, organizer and the Web while on-the-go.
With the BlackBerry 8830 and Global BlackBerry, customers can place and receive voice calls from […]