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Nokia 6210 Navigator: The Traveler’s Delight

While other mobile phone companies are focusing their attention on being the next smartest “smartphone” and integrating in just one gadget all computer and internet features, Nokia has gone in another direction. It still is producing gizmos that will beat all other so-called “smartphones”, but in the meantime, it has taken a breather and created […]

Nokia Tube 5800: iPhone competitor?

Although Nokia hasn’t yet specified a release date for its first touch screen phone, dubbed the Nokia Tube 5800, some observers are already calling the phone a potentially worthy rival of the Apple iPhone. 
The Nokia Tube 5800, which closely resembles the iPhone in appearance, sports a 3.2 inch LCD screen capable of displaying 16 million […]

Four Facilities offered With the Nokia 2135

The cell phone giant, Nokia, seems to have something for everybody. They have announced their readiness to release their ‘entry level’ mobile device later in November this year. The Nokia 2135 is a successor of the 2125 and has been waited for patiently for by die-hard Nokia fans since Nokia announced it’s release over two […]

Nokia to buy GPS leader Navteq

Nokia announced that it has come to terms to buy GPS systems powerhouse Navteq for a rumored 8.1 billion dollars. GPS-enabled phones will become the norm for Nokia over the next 2 years.
This acquisition positions the cell phone manufacturer for strong growth in the consumer sector which is demanding more interactive and functional uses from cell […]

Nokia & Microsoft Team Up On Mobile Media

Cell phone giant Nokia will start to use Microsoft’s copy protection software to boost the use of wireless entertainment, like music and videos, the two companies said today.
Microsoft’s PlayReady technology allows users of Nokia cell phones to share protected pieces of content - like music, games or videos - between phones, PCs and other devices. […]

Global Positioning? Coming to a phone near you

Nokia today launched a service which would cut the time a GPS-enabled cell phone takes to pinpoint its whereabouts, opening new opportunities for location-based online services. The service will cut the startup time to one minute, from up to three minutes currently. The slowness has so far hampered takeup of cell phone navigation.
Nokia intends to […]