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Experiencing the Sony Ericsson Experia XI

Sony Ericsson’s Experia X1 has the tagline “convergence of communication and entertainment”. Quite the promise for Sony Ericsson fans but surprise, surprise, it delivers. For the cynics, you might glance at the X1 and roll your eyes thinking, another iPhone wannabe.
So, it may look like the iPhone but it stops there. The X1 is a […]

Fun Meets Serious in the New Sony Ericsson W760

The mobile phone buying public has been used to phones becoming better and better with telecoms companies adding more features to their phones. Sony Ericsson is one company that takes this competitive spirit beyond by upping the ante. On January this year, they announced the launching of the new Sony Ericsson W760 set to be […]

New Slider Launched

Sony Ericsson today announced a the S500i, a 14 mm slim slider offering color accents and changing desktop themes. Consumers can set in-phone themes and external light effects to change when they want - as day turns to night or when the weekend begins. Hidden illumination appears to highlight a certain event and the keypad […]