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Microsoft Surface Launched by AT&T

AT&T recently launched Microsoft Surface in its stores in an effort to show customers that it is indeed a provider of innovative retail services. Microsoft Surface is a table-like screen that features multi-touch technology and is currently on display in AT&T stores in San Francisco, New York, San Antonio and Atlanta. Should […]

6 Reasons Why an Apple is the Ultimate Temptation all contained in the i-Mate 8150!

1. Apple is in the news again, this time it is because of their i-mate 8150 smart phone that is designed to run Windows technology.
2. This little gizmo is actually targeted and primarily designed for use in the U.S. but it will not be long before the technology infiltrates the international market, or is adapted […]

Nokia & Microsoft Team Up On Mobile Media

Cell phone giant Nokia will start to use Microsoft’s copy protection software to boost the use of wireless entertainment, like music and videos, the two companies said today.
Microsoft’s PlayReady technology allows users of Nokia cell phones to share protected pieces of content - like music, games or videos - between phones, PCs and other devices. […]