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The Ruggedly Handsome Motorola V950

The Motorola V950 has rugged written all over its face. Just feel its rubbery texture and bulky appearance. At 17 mm, it’s really very slim when you compare it to any Nokia phone but this is a RAZR which is known for its supermodel slenderness. The thing is, Motorola decided they needed a phone that […]

HTC Touch Cruise: Expansive Connectivity in a Sophisticated Package

The HTC Touch Cruise is the third installment in the HTC Touch line and as with the previous versions, the original Touch and the Touch Dual, it features a touch screen user interface and the TouchFLO software application.
What’s good
The HTC Touch Cruise is enabled with expansive connectivity options and while its design isn’t as attractive […]

Opera Mini to Run on Android Handsets

Opera Software recently announced that its Opera Mini browser is now available for cellular phones that run on the Android mobile operating system. Opera Software CEO Jon von Tetzchner states that the company is happy to be providing the Android development team with the mass market browser.
The Opera Mini browser is set to […]

Motorola Announces New Chairman

Motorola Inc. has announced it has appointed a new chairman, David Dorman, who previously worked as chief executive for telecom company AT&T. The announcement came following the conclusion of a dispute between the company and shareholder Carl Icahn.Motorola settled the disagreement by agreeing to appoint two of Icahn’s nominees as members of its board […]

Sony Films to Go Mobile

Sony Films is planning to offer movie viewing over cellular phones as it signed an agreement with AT&T and MediaFlo USA. The movies will be shown over the Sony channel, called PIX, which will be available only to subscribers of AT&T Mobile TV.
PIX is one of two exclusive channels that AT&T Mobile TV […]

Ipass Offers Mobile Services to Individuals

Ipass, Inc. has announced that the company is offering its IpassConnect service to business travelers and individual consumers. The IpassConnect service is a host of mobility services that includes access to Wi-Fi hotspots, wired hotel broadband, 3G connectivity and worldwide dial-up connection.
These services were previously available only to companies and corporate entities. It is […]

Beijing Olympics Stirs Up East Asian Telecom Industry

Success and failure in the telecommunications industry is all about numbers. Number of units sold, number of subscribers, and number of subscribers that upgrade their handset models each time a new technology or feature is available in the market.With a ten-digit population, China alone could already spell a world of difference in winning at these […]

Cell Phone Absence Kills

There has been a lot of hype and media scare regarding the hazards of using cellular phones. Studies point to radiation which is said to have caused several illnesses with initial symptoms that include headache, nausea and migraine among others. 
Of course, we should not forget the perennial and obvious dangers of driving while talking on […]

Mobile Phones: The Next Filmmakers’ Battleground

Alexander Graham Bell himself could no longer recognize the descendants to his revolutionary invention. Indeed, the machine that allows two persons from two different places to communicate in real time have evolved and changed so much in such a short time. The stationary telephone got to ditch its wires and bulky base. It now fits […]

Motorola to Cut Off Limb to Save the Body

In a desperate attempt to keep the handset division’s problems from affecting the entire company’s operations and viability, top executives of Motorola Inc has announced recently that it will perform a surgical remedy to the problem.
The handset division will be cut off and established as a separate entity. If the plan materializes, the market […]