The LG Vu Experience

The LG Vu is set to be released in May and it is one of AT&T’s offering to the public after its successful launch of the iPhone. This widescreen device has a 3-inch screen and a built-in 2 megapixel camera and video recorder. Although this phone is far from replacing the ever evolving iPhone, it will be AT&T’s back-up contender when the iPhone is released from its exclusive AT&T carrier contract.

The relatively light LG Vu, weighing only 90 grams, will be sure to capture the hearts of Americans who pride themselves in getting the best features in a small and slim handset. Its touch screen capability makes operating it a breeze. Some critics however, say that it looks suspiciously like the iPhone but what touch screen phone doesn’t nowadays?

What matters most is what this gorgeous piece of device delivers when it comes to features.

It has only 120 MB internal memory but it is expandable, the LG Vu being equipped with MicroSD Transflash drive. The camera is just lovely engineering displaying up 2, 620, 000 colors in its screen with features such as multi-shot and landscape allowing you to experiment with different photo styles.

It has zoom ability of up to 10 times and autofocus, so basically any one can take great pictures with the Vu. It even added an image editor allowing the user to crop, rotate or zoom into the picture making it perfect blog and printer ready. The Vu is also packaged with email and instant messaging with chat capabilities supporting AOL, Windows Live and Yahoo.

Your multimedia experience is further enhanced with AT&T Mobile TV and Video. It is equipped with HSDPA so streaming and download won’t be a problem. It’s not Wi-Fi capable (yet) but LG, in a few months or so, will come out with Wi-Fi capable LG Vu’s.

The LG Vu also has a music player that supports MP3, WMA and AAC/AAC+ file formats. You can download basically any kind of music from the internet. It also boasts of a GPS navigation powered through AT&T Navigator which will further make your online mobile experience easier and faster. Connectivity options include Bluetooth and USB 2.0.

The wonderful thing about these options is that LG has already integrated Bluetooth supported devices like printers, headset and hands-free so you won’t have to fumble around with manually connecting them to these ports. Easy accessibility is the key here. The LG Vu may not replace the iPhone but it sure is a great alternative.