Samsung Access: The TV Phone of the Future

AT&T has been scoping up all the cool new gadgets from mobile phone giants and Samsung is the latest contributor giving its subscribers the Samsung Access. The phone is part of their Media Flo campaign and is the first device that supports AT&T Mobile TV. It can allow its users to access television content, sporting events and even TV shows from your favorite networks such as Comedy Central, ESPN Mobile, MTV, CBS Mobile and Nickelodeon among others. Its one-touch TV access button makes it easy to handle, much like a no-nonsense remote control.

The Access have been criticized for its strange looking design and is essentially wide at 114 by 58 mm but Samsung defended their latest release saying the phone was designed for panoramic viewing, perfect for mobile TV. It features a 2.3 inch screen, stretched from the sides for ultimate DVD screen display. To compensate for the width, they made it a mere 12 mm thick and only 98 grams in weight. That’s definitely one light TV.

It doesn’t have Wi-Fi, sad to say but it’s a compact TV that fits in your pocket so that makes up for everything. It also has a great music player that plays AT&T Music. For more listening choices, this phone also has an FM radio and has monster external stereo speakers. The camera is pretty functional but its 1.3 megapixel camera without flash can be disappointing to some consumers.

Some of the other features have been downplayed but it is still pretty good for a phone that has TV capacity. Phonebook can store 1000 phone numbers and memory is expandable with a MicroSD slot. It has email and supports online chat through AOL, ICQ, Windows Live and Yahoo. And you don’t have to fret over downloading data from the internet because this has HSDPA. Connectivity options include Bluetooth 2.0 and USB 2.0.

Battery life for talk-time is only 4 hours but standby time is 400 hours. If you plan to use the TV often, you can always get a spare one. The beauty of the Samsung Access is its capability to literally bring your living room outside. People have always imagined what a phone with a TV would look like and this is it. But nobody would have thought that television can be shrunk to this size.

Internal memory capacity is yet to be announced but the Access will be available to its AT&T customers come May this year. If you’re the quintessential TV addict, then this phone is for you.