Samsung Instinct: On Top of the TV Phone War

Samsung unveils one of its new offerings reportedly with Sprint as its carrier. Reasonable at around $200 to $250, the Samsung Instinct is creating a furor in the cell phone sector. Is it worth the price?

The Instinct, very elegantly named, will hit the stores in June. It will be Sprint TV’s flag bearer, with live programming from Sprint Exclusive Entertainment, said to be the industry’s only sports and entertainment programming network created especially for mobile phones. It also has in-built Sprint Radio where users can download songs for only 99 cents each. Pocket Express, another feature, can enable its user to get the latest local sports, news and weather information based on their zip code.

Samsung uses their newest technological offering to make this phone a masterpiece. Haptic technology allows you to use just the slightest of pressure to type, as well as press the keys. The Instinct is touch screen capable by the way and although slight pressure typing may need getting used to, it will definitely make typing emails and SMS messages easier and faster. This phone supports AOL, Gmail and Yahoo email as well as chat. Another high-tech feature is Voice to Action which allows you to activate phone functions such as calling, messaging and online searches voice activated. In fact, you can activate your phone even from across the room.

Its camera is just 2 megapixel, pretty ordinary and it has a zoom function of only up to 2 times. Admittedly, in that aspect it is weak, but the Instinct also gives you great internet capabilities with Live Search powered by Microsoft and a one-of-a-kind GPS system. It can actually give you turn-by-turn navigational directions both in audio and video form. With a separately sold car kit accessory, you can make this phone your new best friend if you’re in another city and need to get around without getting lost.

The Samsung Instinct can actually have you web browsing while listening to background music from your phone. And your photos and music will be neatly stored in a Micro SD flash of up to 8 GB. Connectivity options include both Bluetooth and USB 2.0. It’s a little on the heavy side weighing 125 grams but it’s only 12 mm so it’s a fair trade.

The Samsung Instinct will be competing against its sister the Samsung Access which is carried by AT&T. Both are marketed as TV phones. Although the Access will come out a month earlier, this is not a cause for worry for Sprint because with its sleek and beautiful design, the Instinct will be sure to come out on top.