Experiencing the Sony Ericsson Experia XI

Sony Ericsson’s Experia X1 has the tagline “convergence of communication and entertainment”. Quite the promise for Sony Ericsson fans but surprise, surprise, it delivers. For the cynics, you might glance at the X1 and roll your eyes thinking, another iPhone wannabe.

So, it may look like the iPhone but it stops there. The X1 is a slider phone. And it’s very sleek and distinctive arc design gives people a start. It’s actually ergonomic that way and the way it feels on your hands is just wonderful. It’s also quite practical this way because unlike other cell phones like the EnV2 (that also sports a full QWERTY keyboard), the X1 uses only one screen. It does not need internal and external screens, just one that functions well. It even has Handwriting Recognition capability that allows you to write with a stylus and the X1 inputs the corresponding computer character on the screen.

Its 3 inch touch screen displays pictures in 800 x 480 pixels. The camera sports a 3.2 megapixel, flash and auto focus that can take beautiful pictures which you can easily publish in you online blog just by adding a caption. And this is one of those phones that has Wi-Fi, perfect for internet surfing supported by Internet Explorer Mobile. Complete with RSS feeds, you can never go out of touch with your favorite sports and current events news sent directly to your X1. The X1 maximizes the Windows operating system using Outlook Mobile. You can easily organize your schedule and even send email through Outlook. But for other options, the X1 also supports POP3, IMAPP4, SMTP and Push email. And you can also chat via AOL, ICQ, Windows Live and Yahoo.

You can directly download music to the MP3 Player that supports MP3, AAC, AAC+, m4a and PlayNow. You can also store your favorite radio station frequencies in your integrated RDS Radio. Downloading is a breeze with HSDPA while connectivity options include both USB 2.0 and Bluetooth 2.0.

This 17 mm thick and 145 gram heavyweight (no pun intended) is scheduled to be released third quarter of this year. Price has not been discussed yet and there seems to be no exclusive carrier who snapped this up. Talk time is at an amazing 8.50 hours and standby time is 340 hours. Internal memory is only 400 MB but it has a Memory Stick Pro for expandable memory. The X1 may have been criticized for its strange design but it is still creating great anticipation from Sony Ericsson lovers.